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Agribusiness Insurance

We offer many high quality, competitively priced products from

well known industry leading insurance companies.

* Dwelling

  • Dwellings and structures attached to covered dwellings

  • Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns within 250 feet of a covered dwelling

  • Optional coverages: Replacement cost on dwelling (including ordinance and law option)


* Other Private Structures

       Unattached garages and structures appurtenant to the dwelling, $250 on outdoor radio and TV Antennas and satellite dishes


* Household Personal Property

       Standard limits for personal articles

  • Furniture and household contents

  • Increased special limits of insurance


* Additional Living Expense

  • Coverage for necessary increases in living expense if a coverage cause of loss renders your home uninhabitable


* Scheduled Farm Personal Property

  • Farm machinery, irrigation equipment and livestock

  • Newly acquired farm machinery is automatically covered

  • Replacement farm machinery is automatically covered

  • Farm machinery damaged by contact with roadbed or ground

  • Farm machinery damage caused by contact between a tractor and an implement during towing, hitching or unhitching operations

  • Primary coverage for borrowed, rented or leased farm machinery

  • Theft of miscellaneous tools and equipment or away from insured premises


* Unscheduled Farm Personal Property

  • Farm machinery and livestock

  • Unscheduled farm machinery and equipment on or away from insured location

  • Farm products in the open for certain causes of loss

  • Property in the custody of a common or contract carrier

  • Cost of restoring farm operations records


* Other Farm Structures

  • Buildings, barns, stables and structures other than dwellings

  • Fences, corrals, and pens

  • Newly constructed structures automatically covered

  • Private power and light poles

  • Outdoor radio and TV equipment, antennas and towers

  • Portable buildings and portable structures

  • Improvements and betterments

  • Building material and supplies kept on or adjacent to the insured location


* Liability Coverages

  • Basic and comprehensive liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage to others

  • Liability for personal and advertising injury

  • Product liability

  • Fire legal liability

* Additional Coverages at No Extra Cost

  • Pollutant cleanup and debris removal for $10,000 (can be increased)

  • Fire department service charge with no sublimit

  • Removal of fallen trees near your residence

  • Damage to property removed for safekeeping (for 30 days and up to $100,000)

  • No deductible for cab glass in scheduled machinery and equipment


------ Optional Coverages ------

* Equine Property Endorsement

  • Up to $10,000 for damage or loss to tack and equipment

  • $1,500 for spoilage of animal health products

  • $3,000 for replacement of signs

  • $3,000 for fences, corrals and pens


* Stable Liability

  • Liability coverage for stable owners’ operations


* Care, Custody and Control

  • Covers livestock which are in your care, custody and control


* Dairy Endorsement

  • Spoilage coverage for owned milk

  • Contamination of non-owned milk

  • Contamination of owned milk

  • Hay, straw and fodder coverage • Livestock collision coverage

  • Livestock theft coverage • Additional extra expense coverage

* Other Optional Coverages and Endorsements

  • High Value Dwelling Coverage – provides comprehensive coverages to address the needs of homes valued over $1,000,000

  • Disruption of operations

  • Higher limits for transportation coverage

  • Equipment Breakdown/Boiler Machinery Coverage

  • Collision resulting in death of livestockBeekeepers endorsement

  • Extra expense you incur to resume normal operations interrupted after a covered cause of loss

  • Enhanced pollutant cleanup endorsement (increased limits ranging from $25,000 to $100,000) coverage applies on or away from the insured premises if the discharge is caused by collision, upset or overturn of a vehicle or its trailer

  • Watercraft hull coverage

  • Sump overflow and water backup from sewers and drains

  • Computer coverage endorsement

  • Identity Fraud Expense coverage

At Wingert Insurance Agency, we understand the farming industry as it’s a large part of our business. We recognize that farming operations are all different in size, range, and needs. We also understand that a “one size fits all” farm policy, simply doesn’t work. Therefore, we are proud to represent 3 of the top insurance companies that insure farms, ranches, and country estates in the Northwest and throughout the country.  We can tailor your protection to ensure you get the coverage’s that you want and don’t pay for coverage that you don’t need. We proudly write U-Pick Farms and U-Cut Christmas Trees as well. We are pleased to offer the following Farm and Ranch Insurance Products:

------ Coverage Under the Policy ------

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